How many Kilojoules (KJ) should you be eating daily?

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You should not eat more than:

kJ per day

There are 420 KJ for every 100 Calories - So to calculate Calories you can divide by 4.2

You can easily calculate the rough Kilojoule value for various foods and as you become more aware of calories and kilojoules it will become a habit to tell yourself how much energy you are eating right now.

Some energy weights to get your frame of reference started:
Glass 250ml of red wine on average is 300 kilojoules
Apples, bananas etc average at around 300 to 350 kilojoules each
a Glass of low fat milk averages around 500 kilojoules
Average low fat yogurt averages around 350 kilojoules per 100g
a MacDonalds cheeseburger meal averages over 1000 Kilojoules by itself ( Some large Pizzas with all the toppings can be as much as 8000 kilojoules (Depending on vendor, please check your supplier menu or website for more precise information)


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