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Baby flesh in Chinese pills

chinese-diet-pillsBaby flesh in Chinese pills marked as herbal products, herbal remedies slimming and weight loss products and male erection products.

On the 4th of August 2011 a report by South Korea SBS TV (The Carte Blanche of South Korea) exposed the fact that pills imported from China contained dried and crushed baby fetus powder, some capsules still with bits of hair from which even the gender of the baby could be determined with DNA tests. SBS Website is at:

South Korean customs officials have now in May 2012 again called for a press conference and issued a press statement. Customs officials have confiscated thousands of capsules, some marked kangmei gold slimming and others containing dehydrated and crushed human flesh marked as golden dragon apparently intended for improving male performance. South Korean customs has also stated that some products contain dried and crushed rhino horn and also other animal body parts. Shipments are usually imported via postal service and in carry on luggage.

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