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The Chocolate Diet

Chocolate Dietchocolate-strawberry

The odds are that you are already on the chocolate diet and you would prefer a chocolate diet over most all other diets. We live in a world of processed foods, high salt and high sugar is our daily diet.

If you had to choose between a chocolate cupcake and a piece of celery, what would you choose?

Dieters, like everyone else, are price and taste, rather than nutrient, conscious.

The Chocolate cupcake makes you feel good while and after you have eaten it. It tastes great and makes you feel happy. If you can have another one, it will make you feel even more happy and you can eat them all day long.

A piece of celery is crunchy, which is nice sometimes, but it is not exactly the same as a cupcake. It does not make you “feel” anything. The Chocolate diet rules! – Understanding the Chocolate Diet:

Is The Chocolate diet a bad diet?

Processed high energy value, empty calorie foods are cheaper. They taste better and they are more addictive.

chocolate-cupcake  The Chocolate diet is not about the chocolate, it is about the sugar…

Most people still buy pure sugar. Yet, everything already contains so much sugar. Some popular breakfast cereals, eaten by children, contains as much as twice the daily recommended TOTAL amount of sugar that a full grown adult should eat (in a whole day). Then, some kids still add additional pure sugar to that as well…

The World Health Organisation has recently published discussion documents around the new daily maximum sugar consumption maximum. They are recommending not more than 25 grams (around 6 teaspoons) of sugar a day, for a healthy adult with normal BMI (Body Mass Index)

Your kids prefer these ‘cool’ breakfast cereals and they often come with toys and excellent branding. Most are extremely unhealthy and in all probably, one single serving exceeds the maximum daily amount of sugar, FOR AN ADULT.

The problem is not just the sugar, it is the general over consumption of high availability calories. There are so many different sugary things competing with each other. Almost every processed food you can think of, has added sugar. From tomato sauce to bread, even that glass of organic and healthy orange juice, could contain as much as your entire daily recommended allowance of sugar. Cutting sugar from your diet is extremely difficult, cutting down on sugar is just as difficult.

Understand the Secret

Sugar is addictive. Extremely addictive, more addictive even than cigarettes. In fact, forget sitting, sugar is the new cigarettes.breakfast-cereals

Processed food generally also contain high availability calories, this type of calories are also frequently called “empty calories”.

All foods contain a certain amount of calories, the different types of foods also all have different speeds at which the calories they contain becomes available to your body. Some foods, like sugars, are available almost immediately. Your body is unable to use the massive amount of instant calories, immediately and is forced to store it.

Facts about eating and exercise: On average, it takes 20 minutes of full high impact aerobics to burn a single cookie.


Empty Calories

Empty calories are calories contained in food that add calorie weight but do not add any additional nutritional value. So, empty calories are empty or devoid of nutritional value. Even fat has nutritional value but sugar has no nutritional value and only provides calories or energy.

Fat is not the culprit and low fat may simply mean: Extra Sugarchocolates

Ready to actually do something? Watch out for my next publication,  “The 14 Step Program for food addicts

New Studies and links to take note of:

Full cream milk

A new study has found eating eight portions of full fat milk, cream, cheese and butter is associated with a lower chance of developing diabetes. (the results of the study, which used data from 27 000 people, will be published in the Diabetologia Journal
Another new study has found that fats in dairy products are healthier than other saturated fats and the fat in dairy products may protect against type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes could be cured soon

A hormone, amylin, that prevents cells from producing insulin, by forming together around the cells, has been identified. Doctors at the University of Manchester have discovered that both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are caused by the same hormone. new research is now underway to develop drugs which will break down the hormone and prevent it from restricting the cells.

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Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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