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Effect of Low-Fat vs Low-Carbohydrate Diet

The results of a new clinical study underlines how all people can lose weight.

The study, titled: “Effect of Low-Fat vs Low-Carbohydrate Diet on 12-Month Weight Loss in Overweight Adults and the Association With Genotype Pattern or Insulin SecretionThe DIETFITS Randomized Clinical Trial” indicate that genes may not predict whether a low fat or low carb diet will effectively cause weight loss.

The results of this study is important because it underlines that your genes do not affect your chances of successful weight loss when you make lifestyle changes to your diet.

The single important and undisputed result of this study, and other similar studies, is that the reduction of calorie intake, or calorie restriction, does result in weight loss.

No sugar, No refined grains, Increasing fruit & veg (incl leafy greens, fruits, nuts), avoiding processed foods and dramatically reducing carbs and fats.

Following a balanced and healthy diet as well as reducing your total daily calorie intake, will result in weight loss.




Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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