The Real Metabolic Diet

What the Real Metabolic Diet is

The Real Metabolic Diet is about time between body events. It is about Insulin Level Counting. It is about controlling your metabolism and how different food types, and quantities, affect your metabolism. You should manage your body weight (lose weight or gain weight, by applying The Real Metabolic Diet Principles to your own lifestyle)The Real Metabolic Diet

Understanding The Real metabolic Diet:

At any given point in time (Anytime*):

(1) Your body is either burning stored energy OR storing energy. Nothing else.

(2) You are either busy eating OR you are busy fasting. Nothing else.

The above is important because it allows you to understand the processes in your own body. You cannot be burning stored energy and storing energy at the same time. So, you are able to ask yourself: “What is my body doing right now” and have an actual answer. The factual answer is directly related to what you have done and what you are busy doing. It also allows you to monitor (and measure) the third factor, the amount of time between burning and storing. The amount of time between eating and fasting. The amount of time that passes between events is one of the core components of The Real Metabolic Diet.

Types of Food;

(3) Different food triggers different body responses (Effects of: 100 calories of chocolate vs 100 calories of spinach on your insulin levels)

All Extra Food;

(4) All excess calories, whether from Proteins, fats or from Carbohydrates are stored as fat


(5) All Carbohydrates are not equal. Some Carbohydrates result in higher levels of Insulin in your body, other Carbohydrates result in much lower levels.
(6) Sugar is a carbohydrate and contains no nutrients.
(7) Many processed carbohydrate foods contain very little or very low levels of nutrients

Essential Food in your diet;

(8) Many critical nutrients are fat soluble
(9) Essential amino acids cannot be produced by your body (Essential Protein)
(10) Essential fatty acids (Essential Fat)
(11) There are Zero, No Essential Carbohydrates

How much food?

(11) It is beneficial for long term health to restrict the intake of ALL THREE: Carbohydrates, Fat AND Protein. To use the nutrients and food types in your diet to regulate your metabolism.
(12) Protein daily gram weight can be calculated: 1 – 1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight
(13) Healthy daily Fat requirements can be calculated per body weight

Counting the effect of food in your diet on Insulin levels;

(14) The level of Insulin in your body determines whether you are storing or burning food
(15) Insulin counting: Counting the effect of eating an amount of calories of a certain food, on insulin levels in your body.


Competition in your body

(16) There is a constant competition between fuel sourced from Carbohydrate breakdown and fuel sourced from Lipases breakdown. (Some Examples of Body Fuel Requirements: Your Heart ONLY uses fat as fuel. Your brain can use both primary fuel sources, your retinas use both fuel sources. Your body does not critically require any fuels sourced from Carbohydrate breakdown but you cannot survive without Lipases)

(17) Understanding the facts around Glycolysis, Fructolysis and Ketogenesis informs better food, lifestyle and dietary decisions.


When you count the quantity and effects of the food in your diet, on your Insulin levels, you can effectively regulate your body weight. If you combine this with a balanced and healthy eating plan, that is easy to adapt your lifestyle to, you can effectively lose or gain weight as you choose.
At it’s core, The Real Metabolic Diet combines a low carb, high fibre, moderate protein, moderate natural fat real food diet with longer periods of fasting and intermittent meals.

Ask your slimming group leader for a printed version of the Real Metabolic Diet

Sources for this article from the websites of:
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[*] Under ALL conditions and ANYTIME. (Even if you are on a refined sugar drip while doing aerobic exercise, your body would be storing more than it is burning. Under that extreme condition, your body primarily will be storing and not burning.)


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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