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The 4 week Low Calorie Diet for weight loss

my-dietThis diet is a weight loss diet and if you follow calorie restriction and eat much fewer calories than your body burns, you should lose weight.[1][2]

Understand Calories

Understanding calories and how many calories your own body requires each day is absolutely crucial to maintaining a healthy body weight.


Lose Weight Quickly

To lose weight quickly, a short term low or restricted calorie diet is not an effective way of achieving permanent weight loss, but it can help you fit into smaller dress or pants sizes quickly. An average healthy person requires to consume between 2000 and 2500 calories each day (Calculate your estimated calories using the calorie calculator) The amount of calories your body requires depends on your sex and age, but you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns and you have to ensure that your body receives all nutrients that it requires. (Please see my other articles on calories and weight loss for more information about calories, diets and weight loss.)


Meal Options of this diet

As per my usual style there are seven meal options divided into three meals the breakfast meal, lunch and dinner. There is also a fourth option, for an anytime treat or a late night snack, you can choose one of each option per day and interchange and exchange options whilst being mindful of your total daily calorie consumption.

General Guidelines to follow the low calorie diet

No sugar, No full cream milk or cream, Look at GI tables on food labels and buy options with lowest GI, (this will make you feel more satisfied, for a longer period  of time, than the same weight higher GI options as well as providing food over a longer period of time to your body) No fast food (A single (one) Big Mac Meal up-sized is over 1000 calories, which is half the calories that your body needs for the entire day), no restaurant food, no pastries, pies, donuts and no deserts and no sweets. Nothing except the food on the diet, not even a salad. Drinks: No drinks and no fruit juices, nothing except sugar free options such as Sprite Zero, Coke Zero and plain, normal unflavored water or mineral water. calories

When following this diet you should consume many calories fewer than you require each day.

On this diet you may consume as much as you like:
Sprite Zero, Coke Zero and plain, normal unflavored water or mineral water
Cups of coffee or tea with no sugar (use sugar replacement) and only a teaspoon (or two) of 1% milk

For this diet though, there is also a weekday and weekend options and the recipes and calorie loads follow below:

Breakfast options and choices:

Shredded whole grain wheat cereal with 1% milk, no sugar (use sugar replacement) (200 Calories)
One cup of fat-free yogurt (135 Calories)
Boiled egg (70 Calories) and one slice of lightly buttered toast (130 Calories)
Orange & Berry Salad (60 Calories per medium orange & 65 Calories per cup mixed berries)
Sardines on slice of toast (200 Calories)
Weekend: One fried egg, slice of fried ham, slice of toast and 15g of grated cheese (250 Calories)
Weekend: Scrambled Eggs, beans and toast (See Recipe)


Large slimmers Salad – – Calories: 120  (See Recipe)
Veggie stew (Large portion: 150 Calories)  (See Recipe)
Chilled beetroot salad (75 Calories per cup)
Popcorn: – Calories: 120   (See Recipe)
Boiled Egg (70 Calories) and Whole fresh Tomato (22 Calories per medium tomato)
Weekend: Toasted cheese (no crusts) and tomato – Calories: 125  (See Recipe)
Weekend: Baked beans on toast – Calories: 125  (See Recipe)


(combine veggies option to suit taste and calorie count)

Oven fried, almost crispy, low fat sausage 150g (225 Calories), add veggies with cup mashed potatoes (220 Calories per cup) (with 1% milk & no butter)
Rich Broth Soup (Soup package Add 150g cooked Chicken cubes or 150g diced beef cubes as well as 1/2 cup corn per portion mix in fresh Brocolli and other veggies)
Tomato Curry (22 Calories per medium tomato – use two per portion) Use only extra lean mince (200g per raw portion around 250 Calories) 125g Rice (150 Calories)
Boiled Potato in skin (130 Calories) with bacon & cheese filling (180 Calories)
Fried Chicken Fillet slices 200g with mushroom & garlic (250 Calories), 125g Brown Rice (130 Calories per cooked 1/2 cup) and veggies (120 Calories)
Weekend: Chicken Breast Strips (165 Calories per 100 grams) zucchini (20 Calories per raw cup), Onion, peppers & tomato stirfry
Weekend: Cup of Oven Chips (180 Calories) & 4x oven fried chicken wings (260 Calories) with small portion veggies (60 Calories)


Cabbage (22 Calories per raw cup)
Spinach (7 Calories per raw cup)
Onions (65 Calories per raw cup)
Pumpkin (30 Calories per raw cup)
Carrots (44 Calories per raw cup)
Fried Mushrooms (15 Calories per cup) with garlic (4 Calories per clove)
zucchini (20 Calories per raw cup)
Tomato & Onion sauce (40 Calories per serving)


(maximum 200 calories)
Banana Milkshake – Calories: (95 Calories)
Popcorn: – Calories – Calories: (100 Calories)
4 blocks of dark chocolate (120 Calories)
One Glass of red wine (250ml 170 calories)

General Cooking guidelines for the low calorie diet

Use as little salt as possible, use additional chilli powders and non salt spices, pepper etc for taste enhancements
Oven Fry where possible. Use low oven heat over longer cooking times for soft foods and high or grill on chicken wings and crispy foods

Low Calorie Diet for rapid weight loss Recipes

Toasted cheese and tomato Recipe:
Chop 40 grams tomato and spring onions together, 15grams grated low fat cheese, lightly toasted full grain bread with crusts removed. Spread tomato & onions over toast and grate cheese ontop. Place under oven gril for a minute or two untill cheese is molten – Total calories: 95

Baked Beans on toast Recipe:
75 grams of baked beans (One third of a standard 220g can) and one slice of toasted low GI bread (no butter or margerine)  – Total calories: 95

Popcorn Recipe:
30 grams of popping corn in microwave bowl, pop in microwave until the pops are more than 2 seconds apart, sprinkle some worcestersauce and nothing else, no sugar, salt oil etc.   – Total calories: 100

Slimmers Salad:
One tomato, finely chopped, half cup onion finely chopped, 30g cucumber, cut off skin and dice add 1/2 cup lettuce also finely chopped and mix all together with 5g of olive oil

Banana Milkshake
One ripe or over ripe banana and one cup 250ml of 1% milk in a blender, serve chilled   – Total calories: 95

Veggie Stew:
Fry 1 cup finely diced onions in 2tsp Olive oil, add spices to taste then add one cup diced zucchini and 1/2 cup mushrooms. When done add one chopped tomato, fry until tomato done. Reheat one portion per time as needed, in microwave




Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

All information provided for information & education purposes only. Nothing published on is intended as substitution for medical advice, diagnosis, or for any treatment.