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Balanced and Unbalanced Diets

Unbalanced diets are very popular because they achieve results in a short period of time. Very often you will hear that someone lost 10 pounds on this or that diet, chances are that it would be an unbalanced diet.

How these unbalanced diets work and why they result in quick weight loss

Each type of unbalanced works in it’s own way. For example a high protein, low carb or protein only diet works by causing something called ‘Ketosis’ in your body. Ketosis occurs when the amount of Carbohydrates (carbs) drops below critical level in your body. This forces your body to turn to proteins and then to fat to do the work that carbs normally does. When protein is used in this way nitrogen is released into your blood stream. When fat is used in this way fatty acids, or Ketones, are released into the bloodstream. If Ketosis occurs over a longer period of time, damage to your kidneys and liver occurs. This is the reason why most unbalanced diets are called the Two Day diet or the three week diet, or Slim Down in two weeks and dieticians would never recommend that you follow any unbalanced diet for any extended period of time.balanced-and-unbalanced-diets


Balanced Diets

Balanced diets include all nutrients that your body needs to be healthy, but a calorie or kilojoule restricted balanced diet results in painfully slow weight loss and only after many months are results sometimes visible.

Medical diets are sometimes designed to replace sugar in your diet or to ensure less acids or for example to diabetics, Low Glycemic Index diets. Medical diets could be unbalanced but is then supplemented by your doctor, with either injections or correct supplement in tablet or capsule form.


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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