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The Birthday Diet

This once a year diet is designed to allow quick weight loss, to drop a dress size or to shed a few pounds or kilos before an event.

Your Birthday Diet, is about you, you build yourself a 7 day diet that works for you.the-birthday-diet

How to make this diet work for you
* If you get bored or do not like something in the diet, change it around with another item on the diet, mix and match to make it your own and stay on course.
* Self discipline. tell yourself it is only for a few days and take it day by day
* Eat all your meals, do not skip any, your body needs stability, follow the plan
* Eat slowly, cut your food into smaller portions and eat each portion slowly
* Drink a cup or glass of water 15 to 30 minutes prior to each meal (or a cup of coffee or tea)

Step one is for you to draw 7 tables, or open a spreadsheet and type a day of the week at the top of each column.

Step Two is to divide each of the column into 6 sections

Step Three is to write the same thing in the first section of each column for each day: Allowed drinks throughout the day: 2,5 liters of water (10 glasses of 250ml each or 7 350 ml glasses) 2 cups of tea or coffee, no sugar and not more than 2 tbl spoons of 2% milk per day

Step Four is to work out your meal plan for each day and as follows:
Meal one is Breakfast
Meal two is Morning Snack
Meal three is Lunch
Meal four is Late Snack
Meal five is Dinner

Choose one of the following for each meal:
One (Muesli):
80grams low sodium Muesli (check food label)
100ml fat free yogurt (any flavour of your choosing)

Two (Bioled egg):
One boiled egg (smaller than 60g)
One slice Wholewheat toast with a tsp margerine

Three (Pizza):
One Slice wholewheat only very lightly toasted with a tsp margerine
Two thin slices tomato
2 Slices low fat mozzarella sprinkled with some oreganum
Place cheese on toast with tomato ontop and bake at high until cheese melts

Four (Bran):
120 grams Bran flakes
120ml fat free milk
2 teaspoons honey
Heat milk in microwave, stir in honey and pour over bran flakes

Five (Banana Split breakfast):
One medium sized banana cut in half
120 ml fat free yogurt (any flavour)
Two crushed pecan nuts, sprinkled over yogurt

Six (Sardine)
One slice Wholewheat toast with a tsp margerine
35 grams of tinned sardine disected and crushed into smear

Seven (Slimmers delight)
120 grams (half a cup) of fruit (banana, paw paw, apple, pineapple, melon)
2 whole grain provita with either one tsp peanut butter or one tsp low fat cheese spread

Morning snack
200g strawberries

One medium tomato

One Apple

One orange or naartjie

One bunch of grapes (100 – 125g)

2 whole grain provita with 1tsp hummus or marge

One banana

One (Pasta Salad)
100g cooked pasta
50g canned mixed beans
1/2 of a fresh chopped purple (or normal) onion
1/2 of a chopped tomato

Two (Whole corn kernel salad)
100g canned whole kernel corn
1/2 of a chopped tomato
some chopped green peppers
50g canned tuna or canned chicken

Three (Slim Club sandwich)
Two slices wholewheat bread one tsp marge
4 thin slices beef or ham (75g)
6 slices cucumber
6 few slices tomato
3 tsp chopped onion and peppers
some lettuce leaves
some mustard to taste (or tsp sweet chilli)

Four (Cup of soup)
One slice wholewheat bread, toasted no marge cut into small pieces
300ml low fat vegetable, beef, etc soup

Five (Bean special)
80g baked beans in tomato
50g tinned tuna or chicken
20g shaved low fat cheese
One small baked potato
Mix tuna and beans
Slice small potato and add filling, sprinkle cheese and roast until cheese melts

Six (Lunch on the run)
3 Wholegrain Provitas (or equivalent)
or 2 thin slices fresh wholewheat bread
2 slices cold chicken, beef or ham (75g)
2 tsp low fat vanilla yogurt
2 slices tomato, sliced in half (4 pieces)
2 slices cucumber, sliced in half (4 pieces)
2 lettuce leaves
Assemble into one tower, use yogurt as a spread

Seven (Fruit smoothie – needs blender)
100ml Fruit cocktail
50ml low fat yogurt
150ml ice cubes
1 medium apple, sliced and middle removed
Add everything together and blend
One slice wholewheat bread one tsp marge and one tsp peanut butter

Late snack
200g strawberries

One medium tomato

One Apple

One orange or naartjie

One bunch of grapes (100 – 125g)

2 whole grain provita with 1tsp hummus or marge

One banana

One (Grilled Fish)
150g hake grilled with 1tsp Olive oil
One small potato mashed with 50ml fat free milk
Portion boiled peas, Portion boiled carrots

Two (Grilled Chicken)
120g (2 small chicken breasts, skin removed)
chicken grilled in tsp olive oil with chopped onions
80g pasta
Portion Boiled spinach Portion pumkin or gemsquash

Three (Stir Fry)
Thinly sliced Chicken or Beef strips (80g)
Mixed veggies (Peppers, Mushroom, Cabbage, Tomato, Onions, Carrots, Sliced marrows)
120g brown rice

Four (Beef Stew)
100g diced fat free diced beef cubes
Diced Onions, Tomatoes, mushrooms
Add beef extract and spices to taste
Cook in pressure cooker for 20 minutes
Open and add Whole baby marrows and shredded cabbage
Cook in pressure cooker for 5 minutes
Serve one portion (not more than 80g beef) on
120g brown rice, couscous or barley

Five (Curry & Rice)
Extra lean mince
Cup of diced onions
tsp of curry for each 250g mince
tsp of Apricot jam for each 250g mince
Fry onions and curry in 1 tsp olive oil until onion done
add tsp apricot jam, fry extra lean mince and serve
not more than 100g mince on 120g brown rice, couscous or barley

Six (Cheddar melt Steaks)
2 Thin beef slices (50g each)
1 tsp Olive Oil
1 Slice low fat cheddar cheese
2 thin slices onion
1 slice tomato
Fry beef and onions in Olive oil, lightly (until light brown)
Place filling inbetween two beef slices and grill in oven until cheese melts
1 Boiled small sweet potato
Portion buternut, portion steamed brussel sprouts (or any 2 portions veggies)

Seven (Sosaties)
Green pepper, Yellow Pepper and Red pepper blocks (about 1,5cm squares)
Onion squares
Tomato squares
100g Beef, Lamb or Chicken squares (about three or four)
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp Apricot Jam
2ml lemon juice
Combine the raw ingredients onto a two sticks
Mix Olive oil, Apricot jam and lemon juice together
Grill the stick on open fire or in oven after
using the liquid as basting sauce with a brush
Serve with boiled small yellow mealie on the cob
and a portion veggies

Add to any meal once a day if you still feel hungry:
One third chopped tomato, few lettuce leaves, chopped celery
slice or two cucumber chopped, you can add lemon juice
for flavour or spices like oreganum mixed herbs etc.

Late night snack if feeling peckish:
120ml low fat yogurt

Different food combinations:
1. You can use as much herbs and spices as you like, just avoid using
lots of salt. Use as little salt as possible.
2. You can eat as much lettuce leaves and celery as you like

Changes to the Birthday Diet:
For two meals per day (Lunch and Dinner) you can combine:
1 portion starch, 2 portions protein 1 portion fat and 1 portion veggies
(You can also have two portions veggies with any one meal)
1 Portion starch is generally:
Small potato or sweet potato, 120g brown rice, barley or couscous, a slice of
wholewheat bread or 120g boiled pasta (no oil)
1 Portion Protein is generally:
50g tinned tuna, chicken or 80g of baked beans
50g of low fat, extra lean beef, lamb or pork (So you could have a grilled
pork chop ads dinner (100g)
A portion of fat is a tsp of Olive oil or marge
A portion of Veggies is about 75g of boiled veggies

You should also take a weight loss dietary supplement like SuperSlim Slimmers Vitamins with any diet as the supplement contains additional Vitamins, Minerals and oils that your body may need during dieting or fasting.

Download The Birthday Diet in pdf format for easy printing


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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