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New Fat gene discovered

rap1 fat gene discoveredThe newly discovered  “fat gene” is called Rap1 and is present in many tissues, including brain tissue where it is also involved in memory and learning. [1]

The discovery involved clinical trials using mice and is notable as it proves that disabling the Rap1 gene reverses Leptin resistance. [1] [2]

Process:  Development of obesity was triggered by feeding mice a high fat diet.

Scientists deleted the fat gene from the hypothalamus (section of the brain that regulates the metabolism) and found that a diet high in fat did not affect body weight in the test group. The mice in the control group did not have their fat gene deleted and remained obese. [1] [2]

This discovery opens up research into developing new obesity treatments which will resist Leptin resistance.[1] [2]

The scientists were from Baylor College, National Institute of Health and the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute

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