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The Secret Word

This word works for All three of the main weight loss aspects: Sleep – Exercise – Food

Before the secret weight loss word is just blurted out like a common the, that or and, let me just chat about words in general real quick…secret-diet-word

These days words have become less important as we are using more words and combinations of words to illustrate a single idea. A single word has become almost meaningless as it generally requires many additional words to place it into context, to add value, richness, meaning and more…

But, is there really one word that that can help you to lose weight? One secret word that is so powerful that it can stand alone and a single word that, if used correctly, will help you with informed daily decisions which will result in healthy and permanent weight loss?

Yes, there is! And without much further ado, the secret word is: Balance

Just that single word. By itself, without any other words: Balance.

If you use the word correctly and apply it to your eating decisions, lifestyle choices, food choices and even your diet, it will result in healthy and permanent weight loss!

The three things that need to be in balance are:
[1] Sleep
[2] Exercise
[3] Food

Quick Tip: Did you know: Just by sleeping an extra hour each day, you can lose weight!

Your sleeping habits should be in BALANCE and you should sleep a minimum of eight hours every 24 hours

Quick Tip: Did you know: You need to do an absolute minimum of 20 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every day
(or 10 minutes of high intensity exercise)

How much exercise do you absolutely need to do?
When you ask four qualified medical and sports experts you will probably get four varying answers, the correct answer is:
An average of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise every week, that exercises most muscle groups, is required as a minimum.
The second part of the answer is that only you can decide how much exercise is best for yourself, you need to consider the information that regular exercise results in reduced risks of many diseases (some examples: heart,stroke,blood pressure,diabetes,obesity,osteoporosis,cancer,dementia and more)

Quick Tip: Eat less calories than you burn and you will lose weight

This is the problem that we all share: We all eat more calories than we burn.
We eat for many different reasons (and even different combinations of reasons) We eat because we love certain foods, we derive pleasure from certain tastes, textures and love how certain foods make us feel. We eat when we are stressed, depressed and unhappy, it is comforting and makes us feel better about life, living and, well, makes us happy. Sometimes we just crave something, we crave something salty, something sweet, something spicy, something tangy, something crunchy, chewy and all the other things we crave and absolutely have to stick in our mouths… Sometimes we know and we are fully aware that we should not be eating this entire plate of chips or this entire chocolate, yet we lie to ourselves: Tomorrow, let me just do this right now, tomorrow, it will be better, tomorrow. there are various tip and tricks to deal with emotional eating, food addictions and the myriad of other food related problems people face daily. Please visit my website for more information or buy my book: Learning to love chocolate for more info.


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

All information provided for information & education purposes only. Nothing published on is intended as substitution for medical advice, diagnosis, or for any treatment.