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Life is bitter – sweetness without weight gain

Sweetness without the weight gaincane-sugar

At 4 calories per gram sugar is still the best sweetener to include in your balanced diet. Yet, sugar is not healthy and although honey is a healthy alternative to sugar, it contains a lot more calories than sugar. (Teaspoon by teaspoon honey contains over 35% more calories than natural sugar) and artificial sweeteners could cause early death

How much added sugar each day?

You should not consume more than a few teaspoons of sugar in total each day (Maximum: 5 to 7 teaspoons)

Pick your Poison

You may have heard that cane sugar (sucrose) is poison, but the truth is that all things sweet could be very bad for your health. When used in moderation, cane sugar is still the healthiest choice for your balanced diet. If you are consuming sugar you need to be very aware of the added sugar in food products. Many food products and condiments contain high amounts of added sugars and many food labels do not accurately reflect the total amount of sugar as sugars are hidden behind names like organic sugar, Palmyra, arenga, nipa and even Coconut Sugar. Sometimes you will find some sugar on a label and a seperate entry for chemical names (for sugars). Bottom line is that food labels could be misleading, innacurate and simply too factual or non specific.

Agave, Fructose and other sugar alternatives are almost as bad as artificial sweeteners (which we now know, increases your risk of heart failure). Fructose increases your bad cholesterol levels, spikes your blood pressure and increases risk of developing diabetes. Agave contains high levels of fructose.

Sugar are Carbs

Sugars are Carbs and Carbs are Sugars.
The first thing to know about all Carbohydrates are that they are all sugar. (Yes, pasta, bread, rice – all sugar)
Some carbohydrates tastes sweet (sugar) and some do not. (Eating a plain table sugar and eating a plain white pasta, is basically the same thing. Pasta just does not taste sweet)


Honey consists mainly of fructose and glucose. Small amounts of maltose, sucrose and other sugars are also found in honey. Honey is a good sugar alternative but honey contains almost 6 calories per teaspoon (5.5 calories per 4 grams) and if you consume too much honey even honey becomes unhealthy and leads to increased risks of disease.


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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