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To diet or not to diet that is the question

If you are following a strict diet, whether it is a healthy balanced diet or a so- called ‘fad diet’, a low GI diet, High protein diet, Low carb diet, calorie counting diet, blood group diet or any other type of diet that requires you to eat only certain amounts of certain foods, you are challenged daily with temptations, deviations and eventually at some point you will in all probability give up whatever diet you are

Only a small percentage of people are able to follow any type of strict diet.

Many people are constantly attempting to follow some sort of strict diet, the problem is that they are human and it is very hard saying no to that piece of birthday cake or this Christmas cocktail.

Yet many people are overweight and struggling with weight loss, weight goes up and down, like a yo-yo and every now and then there are new medical studies that prove this or that. The truth is that you can eat anything, of course it is healthier to eat raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and fresh fish or at least to eat these things frequently. The rest of the truth is that we consume far too much food. If you are going to consume high GI, high sodium, high cholesterol and fatty food, you should eat much less thereof.

The real truth also is that irrespective of ‘new’ studies about food, we all already know to eat smaller portions of healthier food.

We all already know that fast food, regularly and in copious amounts, is bad for us. We know this already. Even from childhood we know that processed white flour foods cooked in refined oil, is bad for us. We know that large amounts of sugar and sugary drinks not only rot our teeth but excess, that is not burned by the body, is stored as fat.

We know what we have to do to be healthy.

So why are we dieting? Because we are fat. We want to lose weight so that we can feel better about ourselves and then what do we do? Gain that weight right back and with a vengeance, we frequently beat our own previous weight records and then drop right back down to somewhere close to where we were…

So, the truth about dieting is that you should not necessarily follow any specific strict diet but that your diet, as in what you eat, should consist of food that is healthy, low fat, low sugar, high GI and that you should consume no more than the amount of food your body needs.

In this series of articles we will explore our fascination with food, what do we consume in our diet and which diets are easier than others, evaluate modern challenges of stress, fast food, instant gratification and our driving need to be thinner. Emotional eating, how to manage your cravings will be among some of the additional topics covered so watch this space!


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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