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The real truth about permanent weight loss

To truly understand the real truth behind permanent weight loss you have to understand that all eating is an emotional event.

You FEEL hungry, you FEEL like ice cream and you FEEL full, but how does this work?real-truth-about-permanent-weight-loss

Hormones like insulin triggers the release of brain chemicals that causes food cravings.

Simple Fact: Your body releases brain chemicals that causes emotional associations to food.

We struggle with loving something that we destroy and consume, food triggers complex emotional responses and it can be argued that we have a different and seperate set of emotions specially reserved for food. A food love, food hate and food jealousy. These food emotions do not operate on the same levels as the usual emotions and also have their own set of rules.

Learning about your food emotions are important, but is beyond the scope of this article (and it is covered in my scriblings that cover food emotions – learning to love chocolate)

Once you truly understand that all eating is emotional, you can start to understand how you relate to your food and how you can change and adjust your eating habits whilst still leading a balanced food emotional state.

Because you have an emotional relationship with your food, whenever you make changes to your diet you are in fact setting in motion a chain of food emotional events that do affect your everyday behavior and other relationships. By changing your diet you are also affecting your hormones and your brain chemicals, you are also affecting your food emotions and your relationship to your food.

Many people do yoyo dieting, they start a new short term unbalanced or longer term balanced diet and then when they achieve results they stop the chosen diet and after some time simply just gain all the weight back again. Then they yoyo, they diet again and after some loss they stop the diet and the weight comes back again. This cycle is sometimes never ending and decades pass before these people reach food emotional maturity.

Food emotional maturity always results in a smaller weight yoyo window.

The real truth about permanent weight loss is so very simple: Eat Less.

Yet, eating less or eating better is not so simple as managing anything hormonal is sometimes very challenging and more so when it is also an emotional event.

So, from this article you have learnt that if you fail at your prescribed diet it is not your fault.

Interesting fact: If you weigh yourself first thing in the morning and in the middle of your day, your weight may vary by many kilos.

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Hormones manage the release of brain chemicals:
Serotonin – Released when eating carbs, sugars, cakes, chocolate and more. Feelings: calm, happy, good, positive, hope. (Amino acid tryptophan)
Dopamine – Mostly released when eating proteins. Feelings: awake, alive, focussed, alert (Amino acid tyrosine)
Noradrenaline – Mostly released when eating proteins. Feelings: awake, alive, focussed, alert (Amino acid tyrosine) Inhibits release of insulin by pancreas.
Ghrelin – Mostly released in cycles when you have low blood sugar levels. Feelings: Hungry, craving, want, need
Leptin – Mostly released in cycles when you have high blood sugar levels. Feelings: Full, satisfied, content
Galanin – Mostly released in cycles when you have to store food to get through the night. Feelings: Hunger, appetite, want, need
Neuropeptides – neurotransmitters that delivers messages in the brain
Cortisol – Hormone that decreases Serotonin production and release. Associated Feelings: Depressed, lonely, alone, unhappy
Endorphins – Peptide manufactured in the brain (pituitary gland – neurotransmitter) Feelings: Ecstasy, happy, good, pleasure, high
Insulin – Peptide manufactured in the body (pancreas gland – released depending on levels of protein and sugar in the body. Breaks down glucose.)
Norepinephrine – Hormonal neurotransmitter responsible for concentration. Triggers release of stored glucose. Feelings: Distrust, Uncertainty, Focussed, Alert

Some things you do that also affect your brain chemicals:
Exercise results in lower cortisol levels, lower norepinephrine and lower dopamine levels.
Eating your favourite food results in higher endorphin release


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

All information provided for information & education purposes only. Nothing published on is intended as substitution for medical advice, diagnosis, or for any treatment.