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Diets do not work

Anyone who has smoked or currently smokes knows what it feels like to be addicted. Smokers will tell you that even if they have smoked for thirty years the effects of the first cigarette of a new day can still be felt. After that first cigarette, they feel nothing, no high, no euphoria and no light-headedness. What they do feel is an intense want, need or desire to smoke another cigarette and that this feeling of need is not the same for all people.

Of course cigarette addiction is far stronger than food addiction, or is it?diets-do-not-work-1

Food addicts become so used to the brain rush delivered by sugars and other foods that it becomes almost challenging to identify a specific rush and similar to cigarettes, when consuming very high amounts of sugar on an empty stomach the initial rush can more easily be felt and experienced.

Most food addicts have no idea that they have indeed become addicted to foods, they think that intense cravings for certain foods is normal and they often confuse hunger with the intense need to consume their favorite snack or food item.

The famous chef Jamie Oliver has said in a public speech that modern parents are abusing their children by feeding them flavored milk, sweetened fruit juices and many other food products. But are we in fact also abusing ourselves? Is certain foods specifically engineered so that we will crave that food? Specifically fast food comes to mind where high levels of salt, sugar and MSG combines into an irresistible recipe of desire and unhealthy destruction.

We also lie to ourselves, in the UK a popular television series follows fatties around and with the aid of hidden cameras, the human condition reveals itself.

We say that we have no idea why we are fat or we say: sure, I eat a bit too much or we could even agree that our diet needs some alteration.

The truth is: Diets do not work.

You need to adapt and change your lifestyle, you need to change your habits and convert your existing habits into new habits. Anything short of this will just result in you being exactly where you are now.

There are many techniques that you can apply in order to achieve lifestyle changes and the next articles in this series, called: Why diets do not work, will examine the most effective and least painful ways that you can achieve lifestyle changes that effectively results in permanent weight loss.


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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