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a New kind of Superfood

Secret Superfoods

You have heard that any GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) is bad and bad for you, right?

This was true because for the past few decades GMO producers were focused on production and profits (for growers)

But, GMO has changed and shifted focus.

The new secret superfoods are GMO foods focused on consumers.

Well known examples are Gluten that can be eaten by coeliacs: Have your cake or bread and eat it! No dangerous immune reactions to GMO Gluten. Read more here

The new superfoods are consumer focussed GMO foods, for example: How about some heatlhy fried fish & chips? GMO Potatos, with much less acrylamide, cut into chips and fried in GMO oil (less saturated fat). Result: Healthy chips, high in Omega-3 fatty acids. High fibre Chocolate cake, healthy breads and more!

Some already available in USA or soon available everywhere GMO Superfoods are: Omega-3 Canola, High Fibre wheat, Good Gluten, GMO Potatoes, GMO soya for oil production with oleic acid (same amount of oleic acid in soya as in olive oil), GMO bananas (containing pro biotics), GMO Rice (high Vitamin A levels).

Check your food labels and request your grocer to start stocking the new secret type of superfoods!


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