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Diet and Your Bowel

What you should know is that your weight, energy levels and general health are all related to your bowel. In fact, everything is linked in some way or another, to your bowel.

Whether your bowel movements are regular is not something that you frequently discuss (or should be discussing) with people, yet you need to know that deviations in the predicted bowel movement interval could indicate a health issue.

The colour of your stool, consistency and volume is also very important. (Too hard = eat more fiber, too soft means that maybe all your food is not being digested. Colour: Anything other than brown could indicate health issues, unless you had a lot of beetroot for dinner or lunch, of course.) Also pay attention to the shape of your stool. If the shape, form or composition changes this could also be an early indication of health issues.

Normally if you have more bowel movements (once or more per day) then your metabolism is faster than a person who has a single bowel movement in a few days. (some people with fast metabolisms also have fewer bowel movements, so this is not a rule, just a general indication)

Optimal bowel movement: One per day and at a regular time each day.

It is now common knowledge that a diet high in fiber (fresh, non smoothie vegetables and fruits) is good for your gut.  What we may not all know is that a high fiber diet can also be beneficial, or contribute, to weight loss.

Eat more healthy bacteria (sauerkraut, yogurt, pickles, pickled vegetables, cheeses (all sorts), fermented foods (including kombucha or kefir) – these types of foods contain pro biotics which promotes healthy gut bacteria.

Drink more water (but not more than an average of 2,5 liters per day)

a Happy bowel contributes to weight management efforts. It could also lead to higher levels of energy and better levels of general wellness.




Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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