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Three Easy ways to save money and eat less

Here are three great everyday things that you can do to easily eat less, reduce your calorie intake, lose weight and save money.  All at the same time!Save Money and Eat Less

Eat before going grocery or food shopping

The principle is very simple: If you feel full and satisfied you are far less likely to stock up on loads of chips, chocolates, cakes, breads, sugars and other high calorie loads. The upside is also that if you do not have in in your cupboard then it is more difficult to become tempted by it. This tip will also save you money by reducing your grocery bill

Additional things you can do to push this tip to the next level:
Try eating low GI foods before going shopping to increase your level of feeling full and satisfied for a longer period of time
Take a 500ml bottled water with you and drink from it all the time.


At Restaurants and Buffets, Events and other places of temptation

Before even ordering or going to the buffet, quickly drink a large glass of water (350ml)
When confronted with any buffet, first start with the lowest calorie options. Research has proven that diners that start with cereals, yogurt and fruits at breakfast buffets consume far fewer calories than those that start with the toast, bacon, eggs and sausages. The same rules apply to lunch and dinner buffets as well as ordering meals at your local Spur.

Additional things you can do to push this tip to the next level:
Ensure that the Spur or other restaurant that you are going to has a fresh salads section and low cal meal options that are tasty, inexpensive as well as filling


Plan Your Late Night Snacks

Have low calorie snacks at the ready, some snack ideas are:
celery dipped in 100ml low fat yogurt or a small
amout of humus.
Sliced tomato sprinkled with herbs
Single thin slice of cold meat, sliced in reams with a diced pickle
Diced apple or other fruit

Additional things you can do to push this tip to the next level:
Carrots & yogurt/Tomatoes & cold meats/Brocolli & Humus/Low fat cream cheese/Cucumber & Dip


Bonus Tip:


Mix and match your diet

Any dieter worth her (or his) salt already knows that doing something weird will probably result in good short term weight loss. For example only eating lightly salted cabbage soup for a week will probably see you drop a dress (pants) size. Take a good vitamin and mineral supplement,suited to dieters and in every week, have soup days, have veggie only days, have protein only days. Mix and match unbalanced diets

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Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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