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Top Ten Weight Loss Secrets

The top ten weight loss secrets are facts that have been proven to result in decreased body weight for the average adult and not the top ten most popular weight loss tips.. It is easy these days to find popular tips on losing weight, but what really works?top-ten-weight-loss-secrets

Top weight loss tips:

1. Eat at least four small portions of fresh fruit per day.

2. Eat fat, just less fat and healthy fat, specially fat derived from avocado, olives or nuts and consume more low fat dairy products.

3. Beware of sugar content in foods, specially fruit juice which you assume to be healthy but in fact contain vast amounts of added sugar. Always check food labels.

4. Drink two and a half liters of pure water every day and in eight or more servings

5. Eat breakfast every day and eat smaller meals more regularly throughout the day to stimulate your metabolism

6. Sleep at least eight to nine hours per day and eat your last snack of low fat yogurt thirty minutes before going to bed.

7. Plan your meals in advance. Eat smaller, lowered calorie meals more regularly

8. Stay as active as possible. Try to do regular daily exercise (Golden rule: Exercise once every 48 hours, minimum, but once in 24 hours if you can). Choose activities that suits your lifestyle. that you would enjoy, examples are: walking around the neighborhood, watering the garden, sweeping the driveway and many other activities.

9. Think about dieting in terms of what you can add to your food and not what you have to cut out. Purchase a wide variety of foods, it keeps things interesting and makes dieting feel less of a chore. Stock up on popcorn and make it (without butter and salt) in your microwave. Buy more fresh fruits, low GI foods and lowered salt content (just for your health)

10. Best tip ever: Eat negative calories. (Foods that burns more calories in digestion that they contain) number one negative calorie food: Brussel sprouts. Other negative calorie foods are: broccoli, carrots, celery, leeks, apples, kiwis and strawberries

Bonus extra weight loss tips: Replace your cravings. Whenever you crave something pick up your phone and call a friend. Soon you will replace the feeling of craving with that of needing social contact. Avoid alcohol, it is empty calories and eat smarter: 100 calories of raisins is about a quarter cup but 100 calories of grapes is one full cup. Which will make you feel more satisfied?

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Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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