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Rooibos Tea Diet

The Rooibos tea diet is a balanced diet[1] with primary focus on raw foods and two litres of rooibos tea per day.

Chilled Rooibosrooibos-tea-diet
Prepare chilled Rooibos tea drink in advance, add a little honey and fat free milk to taste and cool overnight

About this diet:
Drink Rooibos at least 250ml 30 minutes before each meal (and throughout the day, over two liters per day)
No sugar, low fat or fat free, very little oil (olive or canola), choose raw over cooked, replace where possible
Only three meals or less per day and snack on Rooibos throughout the day.



Monday: Shredded whole grain wheat cereal with 1% milk (200 Calories)
Tuesday: One cup of fat-free yogurt (135 Calories)
Wednesday: Boiled egg (70 Calories) and one slice of lightly buttered toast (130 Calories)
Thursday: Fresh fruit salad
Friday: Sardines on slice of toast (200 Calories)
Saturday: Poached egg, slice of fried ham, slice of toast and 15g of grated cheese (250 Calories)
Sunday: Scrambled Eggs & beans

Additional Breakfasts:
Oats porridge with skimmed milk
120grams of bran flakes or corn flakes served with 2% and honey



Monday: Mixed Salad – Calories: 120
Tuesday: Veggie stew (150 Calories)
Wednesday: Chilled beetroot salad (75 Calories per cup)
Thursday: Popcorn (no salt) – Calories: 120
Friday: Boiled Egg (70 Calories) and Whole fresh Tomato (22 Calories per medium tomato)
Saturday: Toasted cheese (no crusts) and tomato – Calories: 125
Sunday: Baked beans on slice of toast – Calories: 125

Additional Lunches:
1/2 Avocado, lettuce & cucumber
Cup of soup
Fresh Orange or Two carrots (diced)
Whole corn salad (whole corn, diced tomatoes, peppers & onions)



(combine veggies option to suit taste and calorie count)
Monday: Oven fried, almost crispy, low fat sausage 150g (225 Calories), add veggies with cup mashed potatoes (220 Calories per cup) (with 1% milk & no butter)
Tuesday: Rich Broth Soup (Soup package Add 150g cooked Chicken cubes or 150g diced beef cubes as well as 1/2 cup corn per portion mix in fresh Brocolli and other veggies)
Wednesday: Tomato Curry (22 Calories per medium tomato – use two per portion) Use only extra lean mince (200g per raw portion around 250 Calories) 125g Rice (150 Calories)
Thursday: Boiled Potato in skin (130 Calories) with bacon & cheese filling (180 Calories)
Friday: Fried Chicken Fillet slices 200g with mushroom & garlic (250 Calories), 125g Brown Rice (130 Calories per cooked 1/2 cup) and veggies
Saturday: Chicken Breast Strips (165 Calories per 100 grams) zucchini (20 Calories per raw cup), Onion, peppers & tomato stirfry
Sunday: 4x crispy oven fried chicken wings (260 Calories) or fried chicken breast (no skin) with small portion veggies

Additional Dinners:
Grilled hake fillet (or other fish) served on half cup brown lentils boiled in fish stock with veggies
Thinly sliced beef strips (stir fry – with veggies)
Beef stew served with small mixed salad (no rice or other carbs carbs)
Diced Biltong Salad (tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, chopped cabbage & pickles with chopped biltong)


Cabbage (22 Calories per raw cup)
Spinach (7 Calories per raw cup)
Onions (65 Calories per raw cup)
Pumpkin (30 Calories per raw cup)
Carrots (44 Calories per raw cup)
Fried Mushrooms (15 Calories per cup) with garlic (4 Calories per clove)
zucchini (20 Calories per raw cup)
Tomato & Onion (sauce) (40 Calories per serving)





Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

All information provided for information & education purposes only. Nothing published on is intended as substitution for medical advice, diagnosis, or for any treatment.