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Top 12 Weight Loss Hacks for 2017

Top 12 Weight Loss Hacks for 2017


1. Food: Include Good Bacteria in your diettop-weight-loss-hacks-for-2017

(pickles, sauerkraut, pickled beetroot, full fat, non sweetened: yogurt)


2. Habit: Change your lifestyle: No sugar, No low nutrient Carbs, low carbs, less fat, less proteins

(excess protein is also converted to body fat – all excess fuel is converted to body fat)


3. Food: Avoid fat-free, low-fat or sugary products

(substitute butter for margarine, water for soda and full cream for skimmed)


4. Food: Avoid smoothies or any food where the fiber has been broken down

(modern diets are already low on natural fiber) and certain raw smoothie foods, like kale, needs to be cooked and not eaten raw.)


5. Food: Have a good old fashioned English breakfast more often, minus the toast

(Eggs, Bacon and Tomatoes with a side of fried onion)


6. Habit: Eat your diet whenever you feel hungry

(even if it is 10pm at night or just once a day)


7. Habit: Sleep more hours


8. Habit: Reduce Stress


9. Food: Add Olive oils or avocados (or other natural oils) to salads.

(many crucial vitamins and minerals are fat soluble, without fat your body will not absorb these nutrients)


10. Habit: Have a glass of 100% red grape juice, or red wine once or twice a week as part of your weekly calorie load


11. Habit: Avoid (or reduce to minimums): Processed Food, Fast Food, Cakes, Chocolates (anything containing sugar), Breads, All Empty (non nutrative Carbs), most modern processed foods (including processed meats)


12. Habit: Walk (any aerobic activity) be a little more active, sitting is the new smoking


Bonus Hack: Whatever you put in your mouth is potentially fuel that your body will either burn or store. In 2017: Make better (informed) food choices AND Teach yourself new (healthy) habits


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Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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