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Kangmei and Chinese slimming products

kangmeiThere is a flood of illegally imported slimming capsules and products mainly from China and India to the USA, Europe, Australia and South Africa.

These products fall into two categories, those that contain harmless herbs that will do nothing to your body and those products that will poison your body.

For example, one of the side effects of heavy metal poisoning is weight loss. If you continue using these products for a few months it could result in permanent damage to your body and lead to death.

These illegal slimming pills and capsules are usually distributed and sold by people that have no medical or pharmaceutical background and they have no idea what they are selling. They are simply interested in making money. They purchase the products in bulk online or from a criminal syndicate that distributes drugs and other illegal products in their country.

Customs and Excise informed us that they are confiscating illegal slimming products on a daily basis and that these products are regularly destroyed. The challenge is that the industrial chemicals used in these products cost around us$80 for 100kg, the products themselves have an average cost of about us$3, for 30 pills, from China or India.

We recently took some samples of Kangmei slimming products to a laboratory. Some of the products were found to contain mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and chrome. Some of the products contained no heavy metals and contained Sibutramine. What became clear was that their is no standard as one would expect in the pharmaceutical industry and that different pills from the same product packaging would contain different ingredients! (Of course in small amounts heavy metals will cause short term weight loss but in the long term it will kill you.)

When we contacted the seller and informed her of the laboratory report, she said that she knows nothing about it and we must leave her alone. We are now preparing all the relevant documentation and will then decide how to proceed.

If you are selling illegally imported Chinese slimming products the question to ask yourself is: Why are you doing this, why are you convincing people to potentially poison themselves?
Do you think that you are not a criminal? What happens when you are directly responsible for the death of another person?

If you have purchased any of these products beware of some of the other poisoning symptoms: Headaches, body pains, difficulty urinating, emotional mood swings and difficulty sleeping, sleeping but feeling as if you are awake and disturbed sleeping patterns, skin lesions, marks on your skin.

Please contact us if you need the details of a testing laboratory in your area or if you need us to assist you with the contact details of a lawyer, Police or Customs in your area. You can also remain anonymous or submit information to us on an anonymous basis by using the contact us function on this website.


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