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Food rewards and the ten commandments

keep-calm-and-close-weightNo more food rewards

Stop giving yourself food rewards. Do not tell yourself that you can have this pie because you have been exercising or eating less. Rather reward yourself with a massage or something else you enjoy and not with food.

Gaining weight instead of losing

If you change your diet and ban certain types of foods, you may actually gain weight as you may start binging on those foods simply because they are off limits. Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. Instead of starving yourself or starting with an unbalanced and impossible to sustain diet, rather change your lifestyle and adopt a healthy balanced and long term sustainable diet. Teaching yourself how to eat less of everything is crucial to your long terms heath and effective permanent weight loss.

Be flexible in your dieting rules and plan your life better!

If you know that you are going to drink two cocktails or a few glasses of wine on Friday, reduce your calorie load in terms of foods to compensate. If you feel like a fresh dougnut, eat one! Keep track of what you eat and plan your meals and your excesses.


The Ten Commandments Of Fat

The first commandment of Fat: Understand the reasons why your body stores fat
The body stores fat to survive famine.  Everything else burns faster than strored white fat as the body hangs onto that fat until the very last calorie of everything else has been burned.

The second commandment of Fat: Understand the calorie weight of fat.
You need to eat fat to burn fat. But fat has much much more calories by weight, than carbs. So, learn to eat fat, but not too much fat.

The third commandment of Fat: Fully understand fat
Learn the different main types of fats and know which type of fat is in which food.
Saturated (Good) and Unsaturated (Good) fat
Omega 3 (Good) and Omega 6 (Bad) Fatty Acids
Mono unsaturated (Good) and Poly Unsaturated (Good) fats
Trans (Bad) and Hydrogenated (Bad) fats

The fourth commandment of Fat: Eat Good Fat, Avoid eating bad Fat
This is so simple there is just nothing to add, except maybe a simple example: Eat fat in your dairy products and avoid chips fried in vegetable oil

Examples of good fat and bad fat in food:
The fat on your pork, sheep, steak are all good fats and the fat in your cookies are bad fat.
Eggs and oily fish are good and fat in mayonaise and vegetable oils are bad fat.
The fat in olive oil, butter, milk, peanut butter and avocados are all good fat.

The fifth commandment of Fat: Muscle burns fat
If you exercise for weight loss you may actually gain weight and lose centimetres as muscle weighs a lot more than fat.

The sixth commandment of Fat: Eat little or no manufactured sugar, processed foods
All sugar is high in calorie load and unused sugar is converted into white fat by your body

The seventh commandment of Fat: Once you have gained fat cells, you never lose them
Once your body has created new fat cells, those fat cells never go away, it is only the size and weight of the fat cells that changes.

The eighth commandment of Fat: Avoid any food marked: Low Fat
Food additives to improve taste of fat reduced foods are generally more harmful than good.

The ninth commandment of Fat: To balance fat you need to eat at the right time
Do not eat anything a few hours before going to sleep and never skip breakfast

The tenth commandment of Fat: Eat low amounts of Carbs
and be selective about which carbs. Excess Carbs become stored white fat


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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