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There is suddenly an increasing amount of hype around Gluten.


Gluten is healthy!gluten

Gluten is healthy, in fact the foods that also contain Gluten usually also contain most of the fiber that your body needs.


Why the Hype and Gluten Free?

Around 1% of people (one in every hundred) suffer from a medical problem called: Celiac disease. One percent, that is not so bad, I hear you thinking…. Well, with social media, the one percent turns out to be millions upon millions of people….

So, the question you have to ask yourself is: Do I have Celiac disease?

What is Gluten?

Simple answer: Gluten is a protein

Some of the foods that contain Gluten are: wheat, barley, rye oats etc. Gluten can also be found in most whole grain food.


Nutritional Deficiency of Gluten Free Foods

Gluten free foods are generally low in important nutrients, including but not limited to: B vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and most importantly: fiber.

Clinical Studies

Whole grain Gluten foods are proven to reduce the risk of: heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and certain cancers

General dietary guidelines recommend that at least 50% of all carbs come from natural whole grain products that contain Gluten.

What if I am sensitive to Gluten?

Your body may also be sensitive to certain forms of Gluten protein, this sensitivity may cause bowel discomfort, bloating and other symptoms.

The answer is to experiment with different levels of Gluten, try different foods and different amounts of the various foods. Most importantly, as with ALL MEDICAL conditions: See your Medical Doctor!

You should not simply try to go Gluten Free if you do not have Celiac disease and if you do have Celiac disease, remember to take huge amounts of fiber supplements

The bottom line is simply that if you think you have a digestive disorder (a problem with gluten): Get tested!



Source: NY Times


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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