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Diets do not work, part 4: Baby steps

The highlights up to now:

* Many of us are food addicts

* You need to change your lifestyle to lose weight permanently, just following a diet every now and then does not workdiets-do-not-work-4

* Like it or not, we have relationships with our food and these relationships affects our weight

* It is not your fault that you are overweight, technology and civilisation is to blame

* Larger varieties of food choices results in higher calorie loads

* Internal and external food sources – We lie about what we eat, to ourselves and to others

Diets do not work part 4:
Change is difficult. Sometimes change is forced upon us and the acceptance thereof is not as relevant as the change itself. When we are investigating the possibility of losing weight and achieving permanent weight loss we are faced with many decisions and it is these decisions that we make that affects the outcome of our investigations.

Sometimes when you are answering a question for yourself only, you have to realise that the time that you take to answer that question for yourself is also part of the answer. Be honest with yourself for a second:

Answer this question quickly: Are you absolutely sure that you really want to lose weight and keep the weight off, forever and ever?

Be honest with yourself, how long did you take to answer the question?

The faster you answered this question the easier it will be for you to achieve that which you want to do.

Now, for the core point of this entire article: The longer you took to answer the question, the longer you have to stretch your change period on the action plan.
You need to manage the speed at which you make changes to your present lifestyle to effect permanent changes in your lifestyle.

Let me use an example to highlight what this means to you in practice:
If you are removing bread from your daily diet to a once (or twice) a week, you may have to start by just not eating it on Mondays and add another day every other month until you have achieved 5 or six bread free days every week. (Reducing bread,sugar,potatoes and excessive starches are major dietary steps as it also cuts down on fast food and other food options dramatically)

In the next article we will start creating our individualised and personal action plan, step by step, baby steps to achieving permanent weight loss…


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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