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Not so long ago we were medically and very reliably informed that cocaine is great for treating toothache for our kids...

Latest trends in the dieting world

What is happening in the world of diet, weight loss and all the latest trending news:

Suddenly we are informed by new and respected clinical studies that many types of fat in our diets has health benefits and that sugar and carbs are evil.  Also more about two ‘new’ weight loss diets that are headlining and trending right now and an idea based on my balanced diets. A new idea that will empower you to apply the massive amounts of information overload in the weight loss and diet field, to your daily lifestyle, resulting in increased health and permanent weight loss.


Firstly, The Raw food diet

The new versions of this diet presumes to prescribe that no food should be heated above 40 degrees celcius (105F)

The Upside:
No food should be cooked as the health and weight loss benefits of this diet results in permanent weight loss and a healthy, happy lifestyle. Although initially mostly a vegan diet the raw diet has now evolved to include an array of dried meat, raw fish and even a myriad of egg recipes from pickled eggs to eggnog

The Downside:
Laboratory research has proven that cooking many raw foods has increased and more absorbable levels of many important nutrients, for example much higher levels of lycopene in cooked tomatoes as well as much more beta-carotene in cooked carrots, etc.  (so the health benefits of cooking foods exceed those of raw foods)

Closing comments about this diet:
It is a difficult diet to follow and is really only well suited to hardcore dieters and desperate celebrities.
The many versions of the raw diet are mostly unbalanced (unhealthy) and the fact that it is also an extremely difficult lifestyle choice, suggests that only the good ideas and universal truths from the various versions should be absorbed into your own lifestyle.



Soup diets

New versions of the soup (and liquid) diets include cold fruit soups, and everything you could possibly think of and that you can fit into a blender, including herbs and exotic vegetables and even mushrooms.

As said many times before: Simply liquidizing anything has no health or weight loss benefits and may even cause your teeth to suffer long term damage.

The singular soup diets, like vegetable soup, cabbage and others are all unbalanced diets and have negative long term health results.



New Health and permanent weight loss ideaEat Better

The result of all theses new clinical food studies is that mixing and matching your meals based on days is quickly becoming an extremely attractive lifestyle choice

Like many things in life the real truthful answer is everything in BALANCE.

Yes, raw foods do have health and weight loss benefits, but cooked foods have even more


At Risk GMO Foods
At Risk GMO Foods

Yes, unbalanced diets are great and have good short term weight loss benefits but nutritional deficiency is a serious threat to long term organism health


Yes, avoiding genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), high hormone level foods (specifically gmo diary products like milk, yogurt, cheese) and high levels of antibiotics in your gmo food (will also probably result in long term reductions in allergies, eczema and major threats to organ health)

Yes, is it difficult to lose weight!
Studies have shown that the main reasons why it is physically difficult to lose weight are related to: hormones, slower metabolism, stress, low energy, appetite and water retention.

Yes, there are of course also the difficult lifestyle choice reasons such as: fast foods, salt and too much sugar, carbs and processed foods and all the real life issues, such as alcohol, restaurants, functions and well, real life…


So, what can you do to apply the current information overload to your daily lifestyle and allow you to lose weight and life a more healthier lifestyle?


Simply mix and match!

In a seven day week, have one soup day, one raw foods day, three completely carb and sugar free days and two fully balanced meals days, all low cal.


Of course, the simple advice of reducing your calorie intake to less than you burn and doing moderate exercise is still the very best advice there is.


Please look out for the next article due on 31st of March 2014: Three Easy ways to eat less

Not so long ago we were medically and very reliably informed that cocaine is great for treating toothache for our kids...
Not so long ago we were medically and very reliably informed that cocaine is great for treating toothache for our kids…



Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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