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Nutrient absorbtion and weight loss

Many people suffer from the inability to absorb nutrients effectively and as a result they could become overweight.nutrients-weight-loss

Some absorption problems are diet related as many people now believe that you have to only buy fat free products. This is actually not true as many fats are in fact needed by your body and you do need to eat mono unsaturated fats (two examples are Olive or Canola oil) in order to successfully absorb many nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables.

Modern diets also contain few natural sources of fibers and many modern city diets consists of empty calories with low or very low nutrient values.

To counter the effects of empty calories one can take a good quality multi vitamin but the challenges around nutrient absorption can only be addressed by making drastic changes to eating habits and improving the quality and nutritional value of the diet.
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Recent medical studies have indicated that certain peels (like apple peels) contain ursolic acids that assist to stave off the onset of obesity
University of South Florida medical research indicate that 3 cups of caffeinated coffee a day results in postponement or delay in early onset Altzheimers.


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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