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Get Vit D

Top 10 weight loss tips for 2015

1. Relaxing: Soak up enough rays

Sunlight is crucial to synchronizing the internal body clock and of course sunlight is responsible for your vitamin D. Just chilling in the sun for ten minutes with a cool glass of water is also relaxing and reduces stress and hydrates, all at the same time!


2. Snacking: Do not snack on fruit

Fruit has to be included, as part of a healthy diet, but it is not suited as snacks or as a snack food at all.


3. Cooking: Reheating cooked and cooled carb rich foods

Still the ultimate weight and health benefits are easily received by the conversion of your carbs to healthy fibre. Simply reheating already cooked and cooled pasta, converts a lot of the carbs in the pasta to fibre


4. Watching TV:Change the channel

If you absolutely have to watch tv whilst eating, you must ensure that you are watching the most boring or uneventful show you can find.
(or best, rather switch off the tv!)
Clinical studies show that humans consume more calories when watching action type or stressful tv shows and less when listening to music or watching boring tv shows while eating)


5. Socialize: Try to make eating an event

a Social, chatting, relaxing and friends and even family event,


6. Snacking: Improve your snack choices: Eat Raw Carrots, Cucumber, Pickles

caretenoids – carrots are good for you raw! It is easier to replace other food addiction or cravings with the crunch of raw sliced carrot sticks.


7. Eat after any exercise and not before

Seems obvious, yet many people do actually eat after exercise…


8. Chew your food slower

Clinical trials prove a direct correlation between chewing speed and being over weight


9. If your diet allows for one cheat day you absolutely must have one exercise day or one water only, fasting day…

Just consider doing some additional exercise!


10. Sleep at least 8 hours per day, every day

The most important and yet most underrated of all the top weight loss tips is getting enough sleep. You can never catch up on lost sleep and lost sleep is lost forever.


Coming next, the most common reasons people battle to lose weight, and why, no matter what they seem to do, the weight seems impossible to keep off forever…


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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