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Smell and Weight Loss

There is a lot of research, information and “news” regarding the various effects and affects of scent, as it relates to weight loss.

It is well known that calorie restricted diets cause changes in your body odour. Similarly it is well known that high protein diets cause bad breath or keto breath and also various body odours.

So if you eat less, or if you eat certain foods only, you smell “different” to other people…

What is less well known is that smell and scent probably affects your ability to learn, your ability to concentrate and your emotional ability to resist binge eating.

So, how you smell impacts your body in many ways! (Do you use perfume, what perfume, how do you smell?)

There is currently quite a few clinical research and trials in this regard but there are also two recently published outcomes, that are of amazing interest:

So, at the very least it is clinically true that: How you smell has an effect on your body and on your life.

My SuperSlim Agent (Christine) recently ran a special where I could buy 2x SuperSlim Zests, get two free Meltaways and also receive a MIST parfum.

Originally I did not think that the perfume was related to weight loss and I simply thought that Christine has started sellling additional products…

It seems I was wrong. The decision to sell certain scents, with herbs that suppress appetite, is an amazing new idea!

BTW: My favorite MIST Parfum is MIST Romance (and to be honest, I also want to try out Adventure…)


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