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Top Ten Winter Diet and Weight Loss Tips

Here are the top ten diet and weight loss tips.

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1. Sunlight

During winter we tend to wear more and thicker clotes and generally people receive less direct sunlight.

Tip: Make time to soak in additional sun rays this winter or supplement your Vitamin D

2. Water

The cold generally causes us to feel less inclined to drink cold water

Tip: Make a point of drinking over 2 litres of water per day, during winter boild your water and add a slice of lemon and let it soak


3. Supplements

When you are on a calorie restricted diet or a weight loss diet it is extremely important that you make sure that your body still receives important nutrients for example Vitamins, minerals, natural salts and oils. Bear in mind that any excess supplements that your body does not use or require is simply ejected and that the best calorie restricted diet to follow is still a balanced diet

4. Natural Bacteria

Your body needs many different types of natural bacteria and for a small percentage of people bacterial deficiency or unhealthy gut could be responsible for excess white fat storage. Natural pro biotics (or healthy bacteria) is found in pickled veggies, yogurt and other fermented food products.

5. Snackingtop-winter-diet-weight-loss-tips

During winter time we tend to feel hungry more often

Tip: Prepare regular low calorie snacks for yourself, half a tomato, some cucumber slices, look at some of the diets on this website under the snacks heading for more ideas

6. Mobility

During winter we feel cold and less like walking around

Tip: Make a point of walking the dog, walking around the garden and being mobile

7. Eat Before going food shopping

There are many nice and comfort type smells in shopping areas, baked pies, fried chicken and other enticing warm smells

Tip: At least 30 minutes prior to going shopping make sure that your belly is full

8. Diet

During winter our diet is generally different from summertime. Use this opportunity for weight loss!

Tip: Eat more soups, cabbage soup and other low calorie high nutrient soup

9. Sleep

During winter the sun rises later and sets earlier, this can cause disruptions in our sleep pattern

Tip: Make sure that you sleep at least 8 hours per day, if it is dark early consider going to bed an hour earlier, this will not only make it easier to rise earlier but it will improve sleep quality

10. Lifestyle Changes

Summer or winter these basic rules remain:

To Avoid

Sugar and Sugary foods, Sugary drinks, Consume Less Salt, No late night snacks, less processed food, reduce bread, white rice and other empty carbs

To Do:

Eat a small breakfast, eat more fresh uncooked foods, reheat calorie reducing carbs (pasta) prior to eating

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Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

All information provided for information & education purposes only. Nothing published on is intended as substitution for medical advice, diagnosis, or for any treatment.