06:08 275ml Nescafe Classic (1 heaped teaspoon), 40ml low fat milk

06:30 125ml Yogurt with 1/2 Apple diced

08:17 275ml Rooibos tea, 40ml low fat milk

10:30 275ml Rooibos tea, 40ml low fat milk

12:30 Half Avo, 3x Tsp Tuna mixed with low fat mayo

15:15 275ml Rooibos tea, 40ml low fat milk

18:45 Chicken Strips in Stir Fry French Veggies (one portion about 1,5 cups) with 100g portion of rice

20:15 175ml glass Merlot and 2x gram crackers with 30g cheese

Throughout the day: bottled still water, few glasses of water


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