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6 new healthy weight loss tips

Always Eat Breakfast
Do something active at least twenty minutes and twice a week (like walk the dog around the block)six-new-weight-loss-tips
Set your watch five minutes earlier (Being five minutes ahead in time means you will almost never be late for anything)
Sleep an extra hour (Try to get in three sleep hours before 12pm)
Take Vitamin D supplements if you do not get enough sunshine
Rather take too many food supplements than too little

Some fresh new healthy food and snack tips for weight loss:

    • Collect pumpkin seeds, wash them, cover with some Olive oil, seasonings and bake in an oven
      for 25 minutes at 180 (untill golden brown)
      Eat as a healthy snack (contains magnesium) and is an excellent crunchy snack.


    • Mix 10 pumpkin seeds with 10 raisins, eat toghether and have a magnesium and potassium


    • Feeling slightly down? – Get a whiff (sniff) of some Jasmine (or Jasmine extract)


  • Feeling like a snack? Have a few slices of tomato


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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