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Think and lose weight

Yes, you can lose weight by just using your mind and by changing one simple thing, the way you think about what you can and cannot eat.

Instead of thinking I cannot have that Bic Macthink-and-lose-weight

Rather start thinking: I do not want that Big Mac

If you start changing this simple thought pattern and apply it to each of your bad eating habits, you will imprint a new behavioral pattern on your brain and you will achieve also achieve a new feeling of personal empowerment.

Instead of constantly telling yourself that you cannot have that doughnut, with extra cream and jam, rather tell yourself you do not want that doughnut. It is not healthy for you and you do not want it!

Just as a human fetus can be imprinted in the womb with certain types of classical music you can imprint new behavior, learn and adopt new habits, change habits and imprint new behavior on yourself.

Start practicing your new and personally empowering I am what I think weight loss process today, just by simply changing the: I should not or cannot have this or that to the amazingly powerful: I do not want that

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Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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