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Three Diet Secrets

Cheating a day or two on your diet and allowing yourself to eat absolutely anything is not a good thing and may eventually make your life

If you create the expectation that you are able to eat high sugar drinks or high sugar foods, instead of avoiding drinks and food with sugar, you will also tell yourself that it is fine to eat this cupcake or drink that sugar drink. In fact, you may find yourself at odds with yourself much of the time and really struggle to define your lifestyle.

The other main problem with diet cheat days are that they tend to drift. Drifting is when the Friday also becomes the Saturday or the Sunday.  Soon you should be back to cheating whenever you could convince yourself that it is only this one time, or for this one treat.

People are creatures of habit. To lose weight on a regular and healthy basis you need to learn new habits, maybe break food addictions or possibly change your lifestyle.

Diet cheat days does nothing to help you to achieve this, in fact all it does is help you to be right back where you started from. So, there is no upside to having diet cheat days, it will only make your chosen lifestyle more challenging and difficult to manage.


First Diet Secret

Write it in stone.

You need to start any diet by first defining your lifestyle. Your lifestyle should be written in stone, insofar as you would like to avoid struggles with yourself. In any fight with yourself, you will be the loser, so instead of doing that, simply define your lifestyle and then stick to it.


Second Diet Secret

Simply say, No.

If you give in to non healthy choices you make it so much more difficult to avoid the same unhealthy choices in the future. If you say no to junk food now, you make it easier to say no tomorrow. Simply say: No.


Third Diet Secret

See the big picture

It is not just about losing weight! Studies have shown that sticking to a healthy, low calorie, diet can help you live longer and healthier. You will reduce your cholesterol levels, normalize blood sugar levels and respond better to stress. You may also slow down the ageing process and life longer and healthier!


Are you planning major changes to your lifestyle?


The Bad news

It is far better to simply tell yourself that you can no longer enjoy cupcakes, that you can no longer eat sugar or bread and that you have to cut back on many of the food items that you are truly fond of and addicted to.

The Good News

You should change your pallet and soon find yourself craving a pickle, a slice of cold meat, an apple or weirdly enough, even a slice of raw carrot. It will also become easier to say no, after you have already said no a few times. In fact, in a few short weeks, you will teach yourself to like new and healthy choices.

Diet Habits

It is all about teaching yourself new habits, teaching yourself to like other foods, yes, it is hard in the beginning but if you only give it a fair shake, you will find that it takes only a week or so for your new habits (and new cravings) to kick in!

Right after you have crossed all the tee’s and dotted all the eye’s, it is all about you and what works for you and how you can achieve healthy weight loss and attain a healthy lifestyle. The only way to do this on a long term basis is to execute and maintain healthy choices.


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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