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Top Ten Weight Loss Tips

top-ten-tipsThe ten top tips to reduce calorie load and to achieve permanent weight loss are:

1. Reduce variety in your kitchen and pantry. If you do not buy chips you cannot be tempted late at night
2. Replace all sugar with low calorie sweeteners or avoid sugar completely, also reduce total salt in your diet.
3. Reduce fat: Switch to 2% Milk instead of Full Cream, cut the fat from meat, bacon, pork and lamb chops
4. Reduce or avoid oil fried products and all types of fast foods
5. Reduce carbs: Reduce or avoid potatoes, rice and other starches, processed flour, cakes, doughnuts
6. Walk at a brisk pace for at least 15 minutes per day
7. Eat less of everything that you eat now. Reduce your portion size by half. Instead of two full scoops of rice, have one (or none)
8. Every week replace one bad habit with a healthy habit, effect habit changes slowly so that they become permanent to your lifestyle
9. Reduce or avoid mayonnaise, peanut butter and other high calorie food items
10. Replace cravings for one high calorie load food by eating a different low calorie food. example: Craving chocolate rather eat a raw tomato


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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