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What is the best diet for me?

Question: What is the best diet for me?

Answer: The diet that you can follow in the long term is the best diet for you.

Yes, but: Should I do “low carb” or “low fat“?

Answer: Very reliable and credible major clinical study has established that: There is no statistical difference in weight loss when comparing low carb vs low fat diets.

Yes, but: Should I follow recommendations of “low sugar“?

Answer: Yes

Yes, but: What about processed meats?

Answer: What about them? Processed meats may possibly have other health implications but is not related to weight loss diets directly.

Yes, but: What about salt?

Answer: What about it? For other health reasons you should eat less salt, or “low salt” but salt is not directly related to weight loss diets.

Yes, but: So should I eat the most of my calories in the morning and replace my evening meal with a snack?

Answer: If you are able to follow that type of diet, then there are studies that indicate that the time of your meals are as important (if not more important) than the amount of calories in your meals.

Yes, but: You have not answered the question, should I have six small meals during each day or three large meals?

Answer: If you are able to, the best diet is to have your largest meal in the morning, medium meal in the middle and a light snack at night. So, three meals and in reverse order to the traditional meal order. Again, this is only the best diet FOR YOU, if you are able to follow such a lifestyle change and stick to it over the long term.

Yes, but: A magazine article says that my blood type is wrong, or I should follow the “diet of the week”, or my best friend uses a magical peanut, and some guy wants to trade magic weight loss beans for our family cow…

Answer: Be very wary and extremely sceptical of ANYONE that tells you to follow X or Y diet. The right diet for you depends on yourself. Which diet can you follow long term and actually stick with?

Yes, but: You have not said anything about calories, should I count calories?

Answer: Eating enough of the nutrients your body needs is the correct answer. Over feeding yourself on fast foods, empty calories, deep fried foods and vast amounts of high carb foods will, over time, result in you being overweight or fat. So, yes, portion size, food types and the quantity of what you eat is important.

The most important thing is for you to find a diet that you can stick to.

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Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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