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Bacteria in your diet

happy bacteria

It is crucial to consume bacteria in your diet, (as well as foods that support and develop colonies of healthy bacteria) The health of our gut is quite important, in fact, having a healthy gut could go a long way in assuring a healthy body weight. Recent clinical trials have confirmed that healthy bacteria in …

Diet Wars

Diet Wars

The Truth about all diets There are so many different popular diets (Banting, Paleo, Atkins, Dukan, Alkaline, South Beach, Mediterranean and so many more). Each diet has thousands of followers who all have different opinions about which diets results in the best weight loss results over the long term. But what is the real scientific …

28 Day Diet


28 Day Diet To create your own diet or to change this diet simply use these tools: Check how much energy in which food (also printed on packaging): Check your calorie requirement: Day by day: The 28 day diet Day1 Breakfast: Cereal with low fat milk Lunch: Green salad with tuna or chicken …