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Top Five Diet Myths

This is a list of the top five diet myths, fiction and falsehoods. These are among the top lies and proven to be false (fake claims) that serve to confuse, obtuse and divide normally rational people. Just because you heard your minister or other respected person say that any of these myths are true, does not change the scientific fact that it is not.unicorn


Fake Fact 5: You need to eat a diet dictated by your blood type

What foods you can eat depends on your blood type: FALSE! Read more…::: Blood type diet



Fake Fact 4: You can eat as much as you like on the Paleo, Banting, High Protein, etc. diets

On any diet you need to eat the same (or fewer) calories than your body requires or burns. (Also: Any non balanced diet is unhealthy in the long term) – In the short term you may lose weight on a high protein or high fat unbalanced diet, but this is non sustainable over a longer term. Read more…::¬†Harvey-Banting type diets



Fake Fact 3: Cabbage, Soup or Liquid diets (smoothies etc) are healthy and can help you to lose weight

Just because you liquify your diet, it does not magically become a balanced and heathy diet. Just because the smoothie says: Organic does not mean that it does not contain as much calories as a whole black forest cake, you still need to consume the same or fewer calories than your body burns (and eat a balanced diet). Read more….:::Diet Wars¬†



Fake Fact 2: Detox is something good that you could do

Human bodies are fully equipped to detox automatically. Yes, that colonic could actually kill you and No, there is no special cleansing of your body that you could or should do. Only four things help with detox: You could (1)eat healthy diet, (2)sleep, (3)eat less toxins (smoking, chemicals) and (4) reduce stress.

Detox tablets, oxygenated water, supposed health supplements consisting of anything from green tea to mystical foreign herbs, wraps, patches, invasive cleanses and all other forms of organic cleansing are all empty promises that cater more to your psychological needs than doing anything for your body

Read more….:: Truth about Detox



Fake Fact 1: Low fat is good

Most of the time low fat only means extra sugar. It is about the kilojoule load and not the amount of fat in your diet could be as high as 40% or more of your kilojoule weight, all depending on what else is in your diet. Read more….::: Fat makes us happy



Bonus Fake Fact: Gluten is bad for you – (it is not)

Gluten is good! Gluten is healthy! Read more….::Gluten



Bonus Bonus: Weird, but true facts

True: Drinking a liter of coffee per day reduces your chances of developing certain forms of cancer very significantly (20% and more)

True: Sugar is addictive and excessive use leads to serious weight gain


Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

All information provided for information & education purposes only. Nothing published on is intended as substitution for medical advice, diagnosis, or for any treatment.