FAST system

The FAST system or FAST method consists of four elements: *Food*  *Actions* *Sleep* *Time*

Welcome to the #FASTsystem – I am still developing the system (fleshing it out). The #FASTsystem or #FASTmethod is a live and active system, constantly evolving, changing and developing. In the next version, the four pillars of the system will each receive their own section (category) and with individual parts of the system allocated to each of the four categories.


Everything that goes in your mouth.

Quick Read: Eat raw and fermented over all processed. Avoid sugar. Avoid refined carbs. (and fast)

More Information about food: Adapt your lifestyle. Change your food habits and your food priorities. Get into the habit of making different choices.


Everything you do.

Quick Read: Sweat as often as possible. Avoid smoke and pollution. (and fast)

More Information:



All sleep, including naps

Quick Read: Sleep more than 7 hours. Rebuild your body (and fast)

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Time for yourself, meditation and relaxation

Quick Read: Relax to counter stress and the effects of stress on your body (and fast)

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Always consult your medical doctor prior to starting any diet. To Lose Weight you have to consume fewer calories than your body burns.

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